Those who bring the torture piling up [cd]


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Formed in 2007 by Roger “Rogga” Johansson, Swedish death division THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE has since released three albums. Their self-titled debut album was disbursed on their year of formation via No Colours, their 2008 follow-up, Tank Gasmask Ammo, released via Pulverised, and after disbanding in 2010, the band reformed two years later, TWBTT released Lullabies For The Deranged via Metal Inquisition in 2012.

Having inked a new deal with Poland’s blast metal specialists, Selfmadegod Records, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE strikes out with their fourth full-length album, Piling Up. The band is currently comprised of founder Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Putrevore, Revolting, Down Among The Dead Men, Megascavenger, Bone Gnawer) on guitars, bass and vocals, and Dennis Blomberg (Down Among The Dead Men, Paganizer) providing guitars and bass. The material, recorded at The Rotpit and Studio Roadkill in late 2013, and mixed/mastered by Brynjar Helgetun at Studio Brainjar early this year, features ten songs of powerful, sinister death metal that will categorically satisfy fans of Hypocrisy, Malevolent Creation and Grave. Finalized with artwork by Roberto Toderico (Sinister, Asphyx), Piling Up proves to be the fiercest material from THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE to date. [Selfmadegod]

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